Ecological Memes Forum 2021

Emergence from AWAI


Regenerating Human-Nonhuman Relations



18.03 − 21.03


Humans and nonhumans.

Culture and nature.
Life and nonlife.
The world and I.

We seem distant, yet come close.
We seem one, yet differ.

We draw boundaries, yet might just be drifting in the ambiguous world of awai.


It is time to interweave the East and the West towards a co-thriving future.

We have all seen COVID-19 unravel some of the fundamental limits of our modern society. In particular, the pandemic has shown how cocooned we are in distinctly human affairs and epistemologies.

Now, the urgent questions are: How can we restore our connection to other beings and ourselves? How can we be attentive to and cultivate the conditions for rich emergence beyond the human?

In other words, how can we revitalize the space of awai - an ancient Japanese concept of the plural, ambiguous, and non-dualistic space between selves?

At Ecological Memes Global Forum 2021, Emergence from AWAI: Regenerating Human-Nonhuman Relations, we will be welcoming a wide array of special guests – business leaders, pioneering thinkers, innovative artists – from the world over.

Join us this spring equinox - a cosmic time to pause, listen, and attune ourselves to the grand rhythms of life and the universe.

Let us together be immersed in the world of awai.


Creative Society in the Age of Symbiosis: Emergence through Non-Self, Chaos, Ku

Navigator: Takashi Iba

Regenerative Leadership: Systemic Transformation, and Dancing with the Rhythm of Nature

Navigator: Giles Hutchins

Panelist: Hiroshi Yamada

Musique Hydromantique

Navigators: Tomoko Sauvage

Calls from Ecosystems: Ecological Perspectives on the Role of Humans

Panelists: Masaru Tanaka, Naho Iguchi, Kanako Uchino

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Navigator: Nile Koetting, Masatake Shinohara

Realm of Resonance in Dark Ecology
Experience of the Spring Equinox with Japanese mountain priest

Navigator: Fumihiro Hoshino

A Sociological Perspective on Invisible Violence: Relational and Pluriversal Ontologies

Navigator: Rolando Vazquez

Human-Star Duet: Helio Compass and Planetary Citizenship

Navigator: Kaichi Sugiyama

Anthropology and Art Beyond the Human: Materiality, Urbanity, Life and Nonlife