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AWAI Global Forum 2022 by Ecological Memes

Re-Encountering Animism



3 Dec − 4 Dec


Arts of Relating with the Worlds of Life


We live in a porous world.

And yet, somewhere along the way,

we might have lost our sight of passages into the world of the unknowable.

Or cut ourselves off from the mesh of life on this vibrant planet.


How does it feel when a wind blows through me, you, critters, things?

What does it mean to drift between one and many?

Perhaps we are already on a collective journey to re-encountering plural and entangled realities and reimagining a new mythology for the time to come.


In a modern capitalist system where the other-than-human is marginalized and the ecologies of the earth and our lives in crisis, how do we connect with the world and bring about a new reality of the future?

At the Ecological Memes Global Forum 2022, "Re-Encountering Animism: Arts of Relating with the Worlds of Life," our focus is on animisms and myths from around the world. Inviting practitioners, researchers, and artists from Japan and abroad working in fields such as anthropology, folklore studies, philosophy, art, technology, fashion, food, and agriculture, we will explore new ways of thinking and living in an age when our relationship with the more-than-human is being questioned more than ever before.

In each session, new cross-disciplinary dialogues will tie in with the context of daily life as well as urgent global issues, to explore how to relate to and practice a multitude of worlds through lectures, talk sessions, and visual and sound works.

By rethinking animism and mythology in the contemporary world, we will cultivate much-needed sensitivities to perceive the rich ambiguities between one and many that modern dualism has concealed and reimagine, collectively, more grounded and caring ontologies for our more-than-human world.




Saturday, 3rd December, 2022

10:00 - 10:10 CET


Yasuhiro Kobayashi〔Ecosystemic Catalyst / Founder of Ecological Memes〕, Saki Hibino〔Experience Designer / Researcher〕


Anthropology × Animism × Art

10:10 - 11:30 CET

Animism at the nexus of anthropology and art: the West and the East, science and religion

Navigator: Katsumi Okuno〔Anthopologist〕, Anais Karenin〔Artist〕

Art × Mythology

11:35-12:55 CET

Alternative mythology for future folklore

Navigator: Antoine Bertin〔Artist〕, Toshiaki Ishikura〔Mythologist / Anthropologist〕


13:00- 13:45 CET

Reflective Time

Guest: Guido Sprenger Anthropologist , Maki Ohkojima〔Artist〕, Nobuyoshi Ohmuro 〔Researcher of  Social Innovation


Sunday, 4th December, 2022

10:00-10:10 CET


Yasuhiro Kobayashi〔Ecosystemic Catalyst  / Founder of Ecological Memes〕, Hillen Oost〔Government Strategist〕

Food × Animism × Agriculture

10:10-11:30 CET

Food, Agriculture and Animism: Food and Spirit rooted in Climate and Land

Navigator: Ruud Hendriks〔Researcher / Teacher〕, Yasunobu Tamari〔Designer / Art Photographer〕

Material × Animis

11:35-12:55 CET

Animism of things and bodies: fashion and material culture in the post-human era

Navigator: Raquel Buj 〔Fashion Designer / Artist / Architect〕, Daijiro Mizuno 〔Design Researcher〕


13:00- 13:45 CET

Reflective Talk

Guest: Lisa Kirimura〔Medical doctor,  Nayeli Vega〔Artist, Tokushu InamuraDesigner / Engineer

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3 Dec − 4 Dec, 2022 (10:00–13:45 CET)


Online (Zoom)



Japanese & English (Simultaneous Interpretation)

Types of tickets


Real-time viewing

Full-Archive tickets (FA)

Watch recordings of all sessions at any time later. View also in real time.

Generosity: €15

General: €8

Student: Free



Generosity: €55
General: €30
Student: €16

The full-archive ticket includes not just the recordings of the sessions during this forum, but ALL of the 18 session archive videos from the AWAI Global Forum 2021 as a gift.

In addition, in light of the impact of COVID-19, we have prepared student tickets so that young people can participate regardless of their financial situations.

Further, we would be very grateful to those who decide to purchase generosity tickets - a way for you to support our nonprofit activities in these trying times. Our deep thanks in advance.

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